Ben Stuttle

Ben Stuttle LEAN Ambassador

Name Ben Stuttle
Location Nottingham

I first started lifting weights in my bedroom at the age of 16, my main focus being to build my arms up. Over the years my passion for training and weight lifting has continued to grow, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in training, supplementation, and diet. My passion for training eventually lead me to compete in my first competitive bodybuilding competition where I placed 3rd in the UKBFF East of England Championship Beginners Class.


6 ft 1


Off season weight 16 stone 10Ibs Stage weight 14 stone

Body Fat

Off season 12-15% Stage weight 4-5%

Overall Goal

To be the best version of myself, healthy & happy, and to compete in further shows.

Essential Supplements

Whey, Maltodextrin, BCAAs, Creatine, & Glutamine

About Ben

I am a devoted husband and father, who by day works as a data analyst and by night a gym addict and fitness freak! I work and live in Nottingham, in my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors with the family walking our dog Leo – who provides endless hours of cardio


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