Leon Bell

Leon Bell

Name Leon Bell
Location Nottingham
Occupation Scaffolder
Qualifications CQY Level 2 fitness instuctor, level 2 cirecuit trainer, level 3 nutritional advisor, Bootcamp instructor
Height 5ft 5"
Weight 71.6kg
Body Fat <10%
Overall Goal Reach my peak condition in bodybuilding competitions and gain as much muscle during off seasons.
Essential Supplements Preworkout, BCAA, CLA, glutamine, creatine, beef/whey protein powder, L-carnitine, multivitamins, probiotics.
About Leon I'm a scaffolder with big ambitions of becoming a competitive natural bodybuilder, my goal is to progress in every show I do, it's not about winning the medal but gaining the experience to better myself in shows and in everyday life.


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