Stacey Sweet

Name Stacey Sweet
Location Cardiff, South Wales

Personal Trainer at SOS Athletic Excellence


Level 3 PT, PICP Level 1&2



Height 5ft 7in
Weight 65kg
Body Fat 11%
Overall Goal

To continue improving my knowledge of training and nutrition to build a better body for myself and pass on that knowledge to my clients.

Essential Supplements

BCAA’s , CLA’s and Whey Protein (Lean Supps) Magnesium and Fish Oils

About Stacey

Ex Royal Navy Petty Officer Medical Assistant, served for 11 years. Discharged from service after suffering a knee injury representing the Royal Navy Netball team.  Am now a Personal Trainer helping people achieve their sport/personal goals.  I am a very passionate and driven young woman and believe that everything happens for a reason. Always positive and try to find a solution instead of focusing on the problem. Also a Fitness Model Competitor looking to one day gain my Pro Card and compete Internationally. 


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