Vanessa French

Vanessa French

Name Vanessa French
Location Basingstoke
Occupation Personal Trainer, Director of V.FIT Bootcamps
Qualifications Level 3 PT Diploma, YOGA instructor
Height 5ft 7inch
Weight 62kg
Body Fat 12%
Overall Goal To keep growing V.FIT's online bootcamp community and reach, inspire and help as many women as possible achieve their goals.
Essential Supplements BCAA'S
Whey protein
About Vanessa I am a Female Fitness Coach and creator, owner and director of a new project online bootcamps and just love my job, it's my passion. I am a Mum of two daughters and we all get involved in the business. I love to compete as a Bikini Athlete it gives my a goal to work towards, earning my Pro card in November 2015.


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