Victoria Strelciunaite


Name Victoria Strelciunaite
Location West Sussex
Occupation Personal trainer, Leisure Club Manager, Food Intolerance testing therapist.
Qualifications Personal trainer award
Food Intolerance Therapist
GP referral diploma
Kinesiology taping
Precision Nutrition certification Level 1
Level 3 nutrition and weight management
Level 3 advanced gym instructing
Level 3 life style and fitness assessments
Level 3 business and marketing skills for the fitness professionals
Level 3 training in different environments
Core stability
Level 3 certificate in Industry and organisational awareness for the active leisure and learning industry
First aid certificate
Pilates for beginners
CYQ level 2 certificate in fitness instructing
National vocational Qualification in instructing Physical activity and exercise
Advanced apprenticeship in Active Leisure and Learning Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
Registered with REPS (level 3)
Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Award in Employment awareness in active Leisure and learning QCF
Award in understanding employment rights and responsibilities
Award in understanding the active leisure and learning sector
Award in understanding the employing organisations
Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Leisure Management
NVQ Level 3 Leisure Management
Level 3 Certificate in Leisure Management
Level 3 Certificate Employment Awareness
Height 169cm
Weight 65kg
Body Fat 19%
Overall Goal To become a stunt double
Essential Supplements BCAA
Protein powder
Flaxseed oil
Cod liver oil
About Victoria I am a 2 times Winner and a Supreme Champion of Miss Galaxy Universe 2015-2016. 3 times winner of Beach body Category. I absolutely love being on stage and competing in fitness contests. Also I practise Wado Ryu Karate in which I am one step away from black belt. Also I have been practising Muay Thai for 2 years now. Also I am learning how to ride a sports motorbike.


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