Tom Calnan is a personal trainer in Ashford, Kent. He was fed up of working for other people in jobs he hated and decided he wanted to become something great. He was a daily user of local gyms in the area and had been helping out a few people from time to time, which gave him the idea that he could develop a career as a personal trainer. 

2 years later, he is his own boss with a busy week packed with clients. He runs an urban jungle boot-camp which is fully booked every weekend with many people returning week on week and over 14,500 followers on Instagram and 5,000 on Facebook. 

" I started to compete to advertise myself better, to show people I know what I'm doing. I fell in love with the journey and rush from being on stage and its boosted my confidence a lot!" 

Tom attended 3 competitions in 2017 and was placed top 5 in all 3. He also achieved his pro card in October with UKUP and his first professional show is in May of this year. 

We decided to help boost Tom's progress in preparation for his professional competition this year and supplied him with a Lean Active bundle containing Lean Active whey protein isolate, Lifted Focus pre-workout, BCAA powder, Omega 3 capsules & glucosamine tablets to help keep in top condition for training and asked Tom to review the products after a week of use. 

"My first impressions of the pre workout were that the taste was amazing, unlike any other pre-workouts I've tried in the past, this one wasn't gritty and blended almost straight away. I was motivated throughout the entire workout and was able to push myself to my absolute limits and was still buzzing afterwards with no itchiness."

"The bcaa powder flavour was a lot stronger than i thought, having put a heaped scoop in at first but now i know to level it out, plus the pot will last longer. Pineapple wouldn't have been my first choice but it was actually very nice, I can't wait to try the new flavours coming soon. The powder mixed really well and was ready to drink in seconds." 

Tom also tried Lean Active Vanilla whey protein isolate as part of his workout routine. 

"The protein powder tasted great, and was convenient that it was just add water. They had no after effects once consumed and helped contribute towards muscle repair"


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