Travelling with work can be a major perk (or drawback) but whatever your view of it is there’s little doubt that it can play havoc with your carefully curated fitness regime. Isolated in a hotel room, shorn of your trusty Tupperware and gym routine it’s tough to stay on track. Whilst the occasional loose trip won’t cause issues, if you’re on the road a lot indiscipline will catch up with you. Having fallen foul of these bad habits myself I’ve highlighted a few ways that you can try and avoid ruining all your hard work below:


Don’t Treat it Like a Holiday

Everyone needs a break and it takes a special kind of person to be watching their macros whilst on holiday with their friends or partner, however when you’re away with work you need to avoid getting into this mindset. The calories still count and just because you’re in a hotel doesn’t mean you have to overindulge on every meal. Treat every meal as you would at home and you’ll find it a lot easier to avoid chips / burgers / whatever else takes your fancy.


Always pack your kit

Yes it’s tough to fit everything in, particularly if you’re just taking hand luggage, yet I refuse to believe it’s impossible to squeeze a bit of gym kit in there. Just unpacking your gear will keep grabbing a workout in your head and removes an obvious excuse should you not have it with you.


Mix up your training

Who doesn’t love a huge, fully equipped gym? The treadmill, cross-trainer and limited dumbbells in the hotel probably don’t compare to what you’re used to at home, yet rather than using this as a reason not to bother training use it as a chance to try out a HIIT workout or some yoga. If it’s not something you’re used to doing then read up on a few routines before you go.


A little is better than nothing

After a long flight or drive the last thing you’ll probably want to do is get in the gym or out for a run, yet just getting a little bit done will make you feel better than heading straight to the bar or restaurant. It doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest workout but it keeps you active and helps keep your mind on your routine.


Make it a rest day(s)

If I’m only away for a few days and it looks like it’ll be hard to fit in anything I’ll get in a few days of double sessions before I go so I’m ready for a couple of days rest to recover.


You Can’t Expense Calories

When the food and drink is on the company card it can be easy to slip into bad habits and to lose all sight of your goals. Just because there’s a Reuben on the menu doesn’t mean you have to eat it, it’s OK to go for the salad, your abs will thank you.



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