What Is The Best Way To Train?

Weights, cardio, CrossFit, HIIT, yoga, spinning, swimming, the list goes on, it seems everyone has a different opinion on what the “best” style of training is. We all have that friend who has just got into training and has suddenly found the only correct way to get in shape *cough* Crossfit *cough* but what is the best way to train for your lifestyle?

Our view here at Lean Active is it’s more important to find your favourite style of training. Rather than adopting a short-term fad that’s in fashion but doesn’t motivate you, find what you enjoy and tailor your plan to achieve your results.


Best for Aesthetics:

Weights. A no-brainer, weight lifting builds muscle and can help you achieve a physique that looks fantastic.


Best for overall Fitness:

CrossFit. The much-maligned sport gets most of its grief from the holier than thou attitude of its participants but this is borne out of what a fantastic workout it can be when done correctly. The combination of weights, cardio and competition ensure anyone who commits to the sport gets a hell of a lot out of it.


Best for injury prevention:

Yoga. Whatever form you choose, Hot / Bro / Mountain retreat, there aren’t many people who won’t benefit from adding a weekly yoga session into their routine. Particularly useful for football players and weight lifters who will generally suffer from tight hip flexors and posture imbalances.


Best for rehab:

Swimming. Low impact, high effort, the ideal exercise when returning from injury. Especially effective in 30 degree heat and the baking sun rather than your local council baths.


Our Weekly Routine:

5 x weights with 20 mins cardio to finish

1 x football match

1 x yoga session

In the summer football is replaced with a run.


Learning what is the best way to train will develop after trying new sports and ways of working out.  



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