How Angelina Jolie's former body double went from flab to fab in just five weeks - with help from One Direction's personal trainer

  • Ex-James Bond stuntwoman Sarah Donohue shows the weekly sequence of pictures revealing how she achieved rapid body change in record time;
  • She quit training for 18 months after becoming the victim of online bullying while running the Miss Galaxy Universe title - winning a £15,000 court settlement;
  • The former World Fitness Champion teamed up with trainer Mark Jarvis, who still works with Naill Horan and was One Direction's trainer for three years;
  • Secret of her success was taking LEAN Nutrition whey protein products which were recommended by Jarvis

Angelina Jolie's former body double Sarah Donohue shows off the incredible transformation she achieved in just five weeks - with help from One Direction's personal trainer.

Former world champion fitness champion Sarah teamed up with Mark Jarvis, who worked with the boy band for three years and is still trainer to singer Niall Horan.

She took weekly pictures of her progress - showing how she went from flab to fab in record time.

Weight Loss Journey

Sarah, 45, said: "It is amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. It requires rigid discipline, a great diet, hard work and the added genius of One Direction's fitness guru."

Blonde Sarah, who drove a speedboat for dramatic stunts in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, got out of shape after an online bullying ordeal which saw her win a £15,000 court settlement over online remarks made while she was running the Miss Galaxy Universe fitness pageant.

The stress caused by the abuse wrecked Sarah's life and she quit her fitness regime for 18 months. She put on weight scoffing on Indian takeaways and fattening naan bread and drinking red wine.

She knew the only way to recover her self-esteem - and put the bullying behind her - was with a super-intense fitness blast.

She had worked previously with Jarvis and had won World Fitness Championship titles in America for her perfect body.

She made the 200 mile round trip from her home in Cheshire to Jarvis's gym The Muscle Machine in Leicester three times a week.

The results - over the course of just over a month - were remarkable.

Sarah said: "I suffered really badly through cyber bullying and lost the motivation to go the gym. Your body can lose its definition very quickly if you are not 100% focused and that is what happened to me.

"I got out of shape and I began to hate my body because I am so used to being in shape. I wasn't used to having overhanging flesh around my waist and fat on my arms. My skin had lost its elasticity. I was miserable the whole time. I looked five years older than my real age and was depressed.

"Training again with Mark made all the difference. Soon the old me returned and I could not wait to get down to his gym, even if it meant driving half way across the country.

"We did a lot of plyometric work - that is high impact exercise such as squat jumps which really get your heart pumping and help you to burn more calories. If you are unfit plyo exercise is a real killer because you are using your main muscle group. We'd start by doing ten repetitions and then up it to 20.

"I could feel the fat drop off me as we began to exercise more, and my body quickly got back its muscle tone. It was great seeing how I was firming up from one week to the next.

"I remember at the end of five weeks, Mark looked at me and said: 'You look like a champion again.' Those are the words I wanted to hear."

Sarah built up so much muscle that she only lost 4lbs in weight over the five weeks but her body fat went down from 20.1% to 13.7% - similar to an Olympic athlete.

Sarah said a key part of her programme was LEAN whey protein shakes from Forza Supplements which accelerated the effectiveness of her fitness and weight loss programme and available from Boots.

She said: "Diet is the absolute keen to getting a great body - around 70% of how you look is down to diet. You can have the greatest trainer in the world like Mark, but it won't make a lot of difference if you are feeding your body rubbish.

"Training is an integral part of the journey and it helps to release endorphins which make you feel vibrant and wonderful. But it all starts with a clean diet.

"It doesn't have to be boring, it just needs to be sensible. For those with a love for chocolate, LEAN’s chocolate shakes will satisfy you completely whilst aiding weight loss.

"What I loved about the LEAN shakes is they taste really good, they mix brilliantly with no lumps and they are extremely high in protein - so they help to repair muscle as well as build it up.

Mark Jarvis said: "I've always had the same approach to training. If you want to compete, train. If you want to win, train harder!

"Sarah will give 110% every day, no matter what. All of our sessions are brutal but Sarah will attack them head on without question. LEAN has been vital part of her nutritional intake."

Sarah is still bruised by her online bullying ordeal.

She said she cried every day for three months after hurtful comments were posted on Facebook. She and her husband, former Royal Marine Lee Barrett, 41, had to leave their home, afraid the bullies would track down their address. Sarah now wants to set up a charity for adult cyber bulling victims. She also plans to return to work in showbusiness and hopes to make a fitness video alongside her trainer Jarvis showing others how to reach their goals. She is also a former international powerboat racing champion and worked on the ITV2 show Adrenaline Junkie with Jack Osbourne.

She was a body double for Angelina Jolie in the movie The Tourist six years ago and was behind the wheel of a speedboat racing away from a huge explosion as one of the stuntwomen in the 1999 James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough starring Pierce Brosnan.

She said: "I am ready to get out there and take on the world. All the bullying is behind me now after I won the court case and I am fitter than ever.

"I have shown what you achieve in just five weeks if you work hard and have the right attitude."

Sarah is a brand ambassador for LEAN Nutrition, a new sports nutrition brand offering a range of high quality proteins, amino acids and other essential nutrients to enhance performance.

The LEAN Nutrition range is available exclusively at

Old Diet

Four pieces of white toast with strawberry jam and butter and coffee
Cheese sandwich and a packet of Quavers
Indian takeaway - pathia chicken and naan bread.

Sarah's new fitness diet

Porridge, scrambled eggs and a LEAN protein whey shake
Grilled tuna steak, sweet potato and green salad.
Afternoon snack - fresh almonds and further Lean Shake
Evening meal
Fillet steak with steamed asparagus and broccoli
2 litres of water


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