LEAN Active surveyed its customers and ambassadors on the must have ingredients that support their active lifestyles.

1. Spinach

Often associated with muscle-wielding Popeye, spinach is rich in iron which helps to restore energy, boost vitality and the quality of blood in the body. In addition to this, spinach is a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid.

It's not hard to see why spinach is popular with fitness fanatics! The versatility of the spinach leaves can also help to add a new dimension to recipes whilst boosting your nutritional intake.

2. Eggs

Consumption of eggs in the UK, particularly from chickens has increased to 12.6 billion per annum during 2016 and is often used to provide many vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy diet. Considered to be one of the best sources of protein, the health benefits of eggs aid strong muscles, brain health, energy production, eyesight and skin benefits.

3. Chicken

A rich source of protein and a versatile ingredient for use in a variety of dishes in healthy dinners. With low saturated fat, chicken is often an ideal substitute for higher fat cuts of meat which can help to lower the risk of heart disease that is associated with red meats. 

Additional chicken benefits include the maintenance and building of muscle structure, with its high protein levels providing all of the essential amino acids the body requires. 

4. Broccoli

Often associated with Sunday roasts and school dinners, broccoli has had a bad rep over the years. A good source of vitamin k and vitamin c, broccoli provides many benefits from maximising vitamin and mineral uptake through to lowering blood pressure.

It has recently been championed by Joe Wicks the Lean In 15 author who often uses these 'mini trees' in his recipes.  

5. Almond Butter

Almond butter has an impressive nutritional profile due to its level of calcium, copper, vitamin e and magnesium. The minerals contained within the almond butter supports brain cell communication, maintaining nervous system functionality and skeletal strength. The nut butter can also be found with some additional flavours which has only added to the popularity of this fitness food.

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