Cycling is a type of sport where endurance counts and where people try to push their body’s limits. Proper nutrition and exercise play an essential role in determining the success; however, supplements give you an age and boost your performance to the roof. It is safe to say that without proper supplementation, you won’t be successful in cycling.

Some supplements enhance your performance and recovery, while others give your body the much needed nutrients to stay healthy, which of course is the most important thing.

best supplements for cycling

Best Supplements for Cycling

The first thing you always have to think about is your health. Everyone knows that cycling is an intense sport where you use all the energy your body has to finish a race. By doing so, you burn nutrients that leave your body vulnerable and prone to immune deficiency, which can cause diseases. Therefore, the first supplement you need is a multivitamin.


Multivitamin is often overlooked as it doesn’t enhance your performance and most people find it boring. However, multivitamin plays a defensive role and should be a vital part of your supplementation. All body functions, especially those that are important for recovery or energy production, require adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. The lack of micronutrients will negatively affect your performance, as your body won’t function properly.


The second supplement is more attractive and widely used as it directly affects cyclist’s performance. Creatine is arguable the most popular supplement in the past decade and has been used by professional athletes, bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts.

There are countless studies on creatine, but more importantly, there are even studies on the effect of creatine on cycling performance. The study has shown that using creatine as a pre-workout drink (before the workout or the race) can increase the performance by 9.6%. This number may sound low to you, but for professional cyclists, creatine creates a huge difference. It also increases the strength and the ability to repeat high intensity exercises, which is great for sprinters.


Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulant drugs among all athletes, but cyclists probably need it the most. It is an endurance performance booster with numerous high performance benefits.

Specifically for cyclist, caffeine decreases the sensations of pain within the muscle and allows cyclists to push their limits and finish the race without feeling pain.

Additionally, it helps the body utilize fat as fuel, and as a result, cyclists do not burn carbs stores as quickly. Caffeine also increases calcium concentration in the muscle, which helps enhance the strength of the muscle contraction.

For the best results, take 2mg/kg an hour before the race and 50mg per hour of racing.

Takeaway Notes

Supplementation plays a key role in cycling and directly impacts the performance. Best supplements for cycling include multivitamin for optimal health, creatine for better performance and caffeine for both performance and endurance.


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