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Product Review - Lean Lifted Focus Pre-Workout


Kevin Oakley is a level 3 gym instructor and personal trainer, with 25 years in the fitness industry. Having tried almost every pre-workout around, we decided to invite the also fully trained nutritionist to try the Lean Active Lifted Focus Cherry Cola and see how it compared.


Kevin Oakley reviews Lean Active Pre Workout


"Lifted Focus is a brand new powerful pre-workout supplement that is designed to ramp up energy levels, increase strength, power and stamina without the unwanted side effects. 

You can tell by looking at this formula that the ingredients were carefully selected to product the most optimal results through proven ingredients that will provide a strong, clean energy drive and sustained performance through your entire workout."


Kevin then compared Lean Active Lifted Focus with some leading competitors and informed us of his findings.

"Lean Active Lifted Focus does not only compete with other brands of pre-workout on the market today, but it surpasses them with its quality list of ingredients.

  • Caffeine 200mg - A proven energy booster which increases focus and can aid fat loss through increasing the metabolic rate.
  • Creatine 3000mg - Tested and proven to help with all types of high intensity training.
  • L-Taurine 1000mg - An essential amino acid which is known to lower blood pressure, protect the heart and is a required building block of protein. 
  • TeaCrine - TeaCrine comes from the Kucha tealeaf and has molecular similarities to caffeine, however it is known to increase energy levels without jitters or irritability.
  • L-Citrulline - Improves blood flow and increases pump."


"I have to say this is one of the best tasting pre-workouts I have tried and tested, yes it did have a cola flavour with a hint of cherry. It was very smooth to drink and unlike other pre-workouts on the market it did not make you want to suck your lips back over your gums in shock due to the sharpness, 10/10 for taste."


We asked Kevin to review the overall experience of using Lean Active Lifted Focus:


"I tested Lifted Focus on a heavy chest/back training session and overall it was a very positive experience. As stated above it tasted great and kept my energy levels high over a heavy duty 2 hour workout. The raise in energy was smooth and constant, I felt good on this pre-workout and didn't feel at all jittery but still had an abundant amount of energy to complete my workout and bench press in a working range of 140kg - 180kg. Lean Active Lifted Focus definitely:

  • Increased my energy without feeling jittery
  • Increased my motivation to train
  • Decreased the feeling of fatigue
  • Boosted mental and physical energy

I would give this pre-workout supplement 9/10"


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