Delicious protein pancakes topped with almond butter not only provides a nutritious snack but can be whipped up in minutes. Let us know what delicious concoctions you add to the dish, using the comments section below. 

Serves: 2 pancakes


LEAN Active Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla - 1 Scoop

Egg Whites - 3

Almond Butter - 1 Tbsp

Water - 1/4 Cup

Sugar free syrup - 2 Tbsp

Low calorie sugar alternative - 3g



1. Mix whey protein, egg whites and water in a bowl, check the consistency and add further water if required.

2. Transfer the mixture to a frying pan, cooking over a medium heat.

3. Once cooked move the pancake to a plate, then spread with almond butter.

4. Sprinkle with low calorie sugar and syrup.




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