Have You Thought About Altering Your Diet?

LEAN Ambassador Sarah Donohue's blog


Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, Or maybe you simply eat anything? Either way we all have a ‘diet’.

Some people choose a certain diet for ethical and moral reasons, they may be passionate about animal rights and saving the planet. Some do it for health reasons and may be sensitive or intolerant to certain food sources. They could have coeliac disease or IBS for example so need to omit these certain food types. Others simply do not like certain food sources. Whatever your reasons, the word ‘diet; should be associated with what you eat, rather than with weight-loss.

There are many ‘diets’ which are great for weight-loss even though you are not ‘dieting’. For example the Paleo diet often called the caveman diet. Carbs are simply removed from the diet and although it would be impossible to have a totally carb free diet, your energy would come from fat, so don’t think fat is the devils food source. It is in fact the most efficient form of fuel, your body will naturally hold less fat on a continuing basis and you wont need to binge diet because you will simply start looking better day in day out. This isn’t for everyone and the first few weeks the toughest as you adapt. So beware!

The paleo is the oldest diet in the book, naturally of course it is, and of course if you follow it you may well think, ‘well hold on protein powder wasn’t available in the stone age, so what about my post training shake!’ Yes you are right, however we live in the nowadays and I am not also suggesting you become a caveman, and use smoke signals instead of email, I am suggesting that they had a very clean and efficient diet, we have advanced so much, we are in fact lucky to be able to finish a workout and have an quick tasty shake and BCAA’s to replenish and feed our muscles. In paleo times they didn’t workout, their whole life was way more active than ours, so with us having sudden bursts of energy in the capacity that we do then we have invented ways to recover quickly.

Of course paleo is hugely based around meat, so if you are a meat lover this is great. The only thing which differs with our meat nowadays from the ancestral diet is that ‘wild’ meat is far leaner with lower saturated fats but hold beneficial omega-3 fat. Meat from our grain fed animals holds more fat, so I would suggest sourcing free range meats, albeit don’t be afraid of fats, it’s the carbs which will be reduced from this diet and your fat intake will rise but you will also become ‘fat adapted’ which also has many benefits.

If you decide to embark on the paleo diet which has great health benefits, you will fall in love with the fact that your body will become leaner, stronger and your energy levels will be better. So consider this, you will burn off stored fat, your sleep patterns will improve, your skin will become healthier, your energy will be better balanced and your immune system will be on point.

After all, fats are the preferred energy source of the body and many explorers and adventurers become fat adapted prior to embarking on their trips.



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