Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions

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January is the busiest month for gyms, clients and personal trainers alike with over 12% of all memberships being bought in the first week of the new year.

As we move into March and April gym attendance drops and by May many of the people that made the ‘get fit’ new years resolution have either stopped going altogether or barely attend with most of them still paying by DD for a membership they never use. Does this sound like you?


If this is you, don’t let it be. Think why you joined in the first place. You had a goal, what was it? To get fit, lose weight or gain muscle? Maybe it was all of them but either way you slacken off your great start to the year and the hard work is lost. Remember summer is on the way and you want to look your best. Christmas you have covered up and those extra lbs you piled on haven’t mattered because no one sees them. But what about that summer dress or those hot pants or for men, you want to bear that chest and get your quads out. Whatever body part you want to show-off you want it toned and defined to go with that all over tan you will be sporting.

How do you stick to it? For those thinking about a holiday, booking in advance gives a great boost for morale and will give you the goal you need to keep it up. But for those who aren’t booking a sunny trip abroad, remember that you have promised yourself a new year new you and every month money is coming out of your account, can you really afford to waste that cash? The last thing you want to do is get to summer wishing you hadn’t given up so keep that in mind and keep going.

I have always found that the best way to keep focused and not drop the ball is to decide what days I want to train so I have a routine and I never go off that routine. What days are the best days for you to train? I decided that mine would be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I always have a break midweek and never train at the weekends, this way I don’t need to worry about when I should train or feel guilty about not going. Write down what you plan on doing on those days, don’t leave it until to reach the gym to decide or wander around aimlessly. Have a plan. Planning in advance always helps you keep focused.

Many people stop going to the gym not only because of lack of motivation with the initial excitement wearing off, but also because March through April are the wettest and most miserable months we have in the UK and it becomes all to easy to put it off, so this why I say to decide on your days of training and stick to them.

January is the month when personal trainers will be throwing free sessions at you hoping you will be booking in with them as a paying client. Take the opportunity to get that free session and learn from them. Ask them about diet and nutrition and get them to show you how the different machines work and what exercises are best for what and of course make sure you learn the correct technique. It’s your free hour so pick their brain. If you are truly looking at using a personal trainer maybe even once a week, then this is fantastic motivation.

However in January because of all the new members you could find yourself being hounded by PT’s touting for business. It’s their job to and the bigger clubs such as Fitness First actively encourage their trainers to do this so be ware. Don’t immediately jump in with the first trainer who throws a free session at you, by all means take the session but it’s their job to push you into buying a set of 10 sessions by offering you a discount for paying in advance. Again be careful, you may be better suited to a different trainer so why not take a look around and see who else you can take a free session with.

Don’t bounce around with having too many freebies as PT’s talk to each other so choose wisely but never be pushed into parting with your cash by a trainer on a hard sell that you may not want to stay with. Always remember it’s your choice, do NOT be pushed because once your free session has finished, the longer you spend in after training consultation with them, the more likely you are to give in and had over money you don’t want to. They are in effect salespeople so make your excuse and leave taking their details giving yourself time to think.

Having a PT for motivation is always wise but another tip is never to book a course of 10 sessions without having a single session with them first. What if you don’t like them? What if they don’t push you hard enough? What if they push you so hard it puts you off? What if you don’t like their particular session? PT’s do not usually give refunds. Make sure the new year brings a new you!


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