Tips For Keeping Up Motivation

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Motivation is the biggest spoilsport when it comes to getting that perfect body. We use the age old excuses feeling tired, miserable, the weather is awful so you don’t want to go out even if it is just to the car to drive to the gym, you have work to do and cannot be bothered training as well as getting the work done, there’s something on TV so you make the excuse that you need to watch it, ‘oh is that the time already?’ you purposely let the day run away so you have an excuse or you will work double hard at the gym ‘tomorrow’. Yes we have all used those excuses! We have all lacked motivation as times. It’s normal and even the fittest of us and the gym worshippers have done it so you are not alone, but how do you power through and find the missing motivation?

Firstly you must realise that this beach body you crave won't happen on its own. If it did we would all look like Cindy Crawford. You have to realise that nothing great or important in life is easy. We have to work for it and motivation is as important as the nutrition and training and all three work in partnership and if you take any one of these away you will never reach your dream look. Motivation is the initial step.

If you are a member of a gym, the cardio machines nowadays have TV. During the Olympics I found myself plugged in watching the Olympics whilst I cycled killing two birds with one stone. Entertainment is everything in the gym and entertainment helps with motivation. iPod's are a necessity in my opinion and although I don’t listen to music at home, I need music in the gym for a good workout and this motivates me. If I am at home and lack motivation I can put a ‘gym track’ on and my motivation appears as if by magic making me hit the gym. Some tracks are simply made for working out to.

Motivation can lack before you get to the gym and even in the gym. Group exercise allows you to lack motivation because you don’t need to think you can just copy. Group exercise is fantastic. Body Pump, Metafit and Insanity will keep you occupied and these in my opinion are the best classes you can do. Metafit is only short so once you have finished, plug yourself into a bike and watch 30 minutes of TV.

Buy yourself some new sneakers or a new gym kit. Something you have wanted for ages and feel great in it. Usually looking in the mirror will give you some motivation.

Goals are everything, you need to set yourself targets and always keep this in mind and the fact your holiday is only a matter of weeks away or the office party should be enough for you to want to look your best in your new outfit.

The later in the day you leave it to train the easier it is to find an excuse. Try and exercise before work or during lunch hour, even if it’s for 30 minutes. Anything is better than nothing. Training will also elevate your endorphin levels (feel good hormone) making you chirpy for the rest of the day and you will even be more motivated and productive in work. The more you put into the day the more you get out.

You must make a changes to your nutrition or all your training in the gym won't change your body composition. Once you start to see your body change shape this is often enough to throw your motivation into overdrive as you will be excited every time you look in the mirror. With this in mind, not all calories are the same. 1800 calories of rubbish will not have the same effect as 1800 calories of good clean food. So don’t get on a treadmill and burn off 400 calories when you are only going to replace those 400 at some point with another rubbish 400.

Understand that what you put in your body immediately after a workout has a direct effect. Knowing this will motivate you make sure you pack a LEAN protein shake. You can feel naughty with a delicious chocolate shake but without the naughtiness.

To recap:

Motivate yourself with entertainment such as gym TV screens, iPod's you’re your favourite music and with group exercise classes or new gym clothes. Keep motivated by changing your diet so you can see the changes in your body composition. Once you see change you will love it so much you won't want to stop. Let the new healthy lifestyle do the rest but remember that even top athletes can have days where they lack motivation, but its about pushing through it and finding just a few good reasons to get off that sofa.


Sarah Donohue is LEAN Nutrition's head ambassador. With experience as former body double to Angelina Jolie and as a former stuntwoman in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, Sarah understands the importance of nutrition and caring for your body to achieve results.



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