How To Stay Fit For The Festivities

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Winter is Coming. Many of us train hard working up to summer and then let it all go over winter because ‘no one can see through our coats’. But what about that tight little Christmas party dress you have in your wardrobe? That should be enough motivation.

The reality is that it’s easy to pile on the pounds over winter – we’re all guilty of it. The question is, how can we reduce the damage but avoid reducing the fun?

Incorporate Fitness into the Festivities:

It’s easy to give ourselves an excuse because of course it’s cold, wet and windy outside; the thought of going out in the British weather is far from appealing most days. However, you need to dig deep to find that motivation. The more you keep in shape now, the easier it will be getting back into shape for summer.

Exercising at home isn’t for everyone but you make it fun with all of the fitness games and workout DVDs available on the market. Search the internet and see what’s out there. If you have children, there are plenty of fun dance games you can do with your kids thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Family time should be fun time so make it fit time as well.

If you aren’t afraid of the colder weather then the weekends are perfect times for walking in your local park or other surroundings, you can always finish with a steaming hot chocolate as a reward. Fitness doesn’t always need to be about going to the gym, it’s about getting your heart pumping in the fresh air. A brisk walking is a great stress reliever to which can help in the build up to the big day. All you need is good footwear and you’re on your way.

Party Prep:

Always take into account that you will likely encounter more parties mid-December through to the New Year than you would any other month. With that in mind, make early December your cardio month. Get your metabolic rate speed up and start dropping a few pounds now in preparation for the party season - you know it makes sense.

Find out your gym’s winter opening hours in advance and work out a timetable so that you can dedicate time to the gym as well as those parties. It’s important to keep to the plan; it will prevent you from losing motivation if you have everything mapped out. Over the winter months, it often helps to work out sooner in the day. Once it gets dark and the temperatures drop, it’s natural for your mood to change which can result in you cancelling exercise plans.

Christmas Drinks:

For those that like an alcoholic drink to celebrate the festive season try Gin and Slimline. It’s the choice of many fitness professionals who need to keep trim. If you like to dabble in other drinks, be sure to use diet mixers with everything - you don’t need to use full sugar drinks if you are mixing. Try and steer clear from beers and ales, but if this is your drink of choice always remember to just drink sensibly and in moderation.

Christmas is a time for enjoyment. Embrace it and prepare for damage limitation today!


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